In 2020, the City reconstructed Alger Street SE from Madison Avenue SE to Kalamazoo Avenue SENow that a year has passed since the project was completed, we want to know your thoughts. Your feedback will be used to inform future projects.

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Project background

New street design:

Street design of Alger Street SE


This project made the following changes

  • Removed parking on one side of the street
  • Installed raised parking lane on one side of the street
  • Installed raised bicycle lanes on both sides of the street
  • Upgraded sidewalks and curb ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Planted over 140 new street trees
  • Installed a new water main, which provides water to properties along the street
  • Replaced 119 lead service lines that carry water from the main into residences
  • Upgraded the stormwater system and installed infiltration catch basins, a form of green infrastructure to retain and soak stormwater into the ground to filter pollutants and reduce runoff entering natural bodies of water

Alger Street Before Reconstruction

Picture of Alger St Before Reconstruction

Alger Street After Reconstruction

Picture of Alger St After Reconstruction